a sermon series by Matthew Holst

2014-07-061Introduction to Exodus - What is Exodus?Script Ref: Luke 9:28-3638:06MP3
2014-07-132Promise Fulfillment, Promise ThreatScript Ref: Exodus 138:03MP3
2014-07-203The Raising Up of a RedeemerScript Ref: Exodus 232:12MP3
2014-07-274The Preparation of the Redeemer #1 - Protector and ShepherdScript Ref: Exodus 242:16MP3
2014-08-035The Preparation of the Redeemer #2 - What We Learn About GodScript Ref: Exodus 341:11MP3
2014-08-106The Preparation of the Redeemer #3 - What MORE We Learn About GodScript Ref: Exodus 3:1-1539:02MP3
2014-08-177The Preparation of the Redeemer #4 - Who is the God of Our FathersScript Ref: Exodus 3:12-2237:29MP3
2014-08-248The Preparation of the Redeemer - How God Assures FaithScript Ref: Exodus 4:1-1734:05MP3
2014-08-319Exodus, Circumcision, and a Bridegroom of BloodScript Ref: Exodus 4:24-2636:12MP3
2014-09-0710God's Ways Are Not Our WaysScript Ref: Exodus 6:1-1340:55MP3
2014-09-1411Who Are Moses and Aaron?Script Ref: Exodus 6:14-3047:09MP3
2014-10-0512Hard Truths for God's Glory #1Script Ref: Exodus 7:1-1337:48MP3
2014-10-1213Hard Truths for God's Glory #2Script Ref: Exodus 7:1-1341:20MP3
2014-10-1914A Plague on Pharoah's HouseScript Ref: Exodus 7:14-2534:19MP3
2014-10-2615Against the godsScript Ref: Exodus 8:1-9:1544:20MP3
2014-11-0216The Seventh Plague - Merciful JudgmentScript Ref: Exodus 9:13-3539:49MP3
2014-11-0917Signs Multiplied in the LandScript Ref: Exodus 1140:09MP3
2014-11-1618Preparations for PassoverScript Ref: Exodus 12:1-1433:46MP3
2014-11-2319Holiness from SalvationScript Ref: Exodus 12:14-2840:10MP3
2014-11-3020Salvation Through JudgmentScript Ref: Exodus 12:29-5139:08MP3
2014-12-0721Salvation and ConsecrationScript Ref: Exodus 13:1-1643:30MP3
2014-12-1422Presence and DeliveranceScript Ref: Exodus 14:10-3140:55MP3
2015-01-0423What the Red Sea Crossing Means to YouScript Ref: Exodus 14:15-3138:48MP3
2015-01-1124A Song for the DelivererScript Ref: Exodus 15:1-2135:35MP3
2015-01-1825Living by Faith, Not by TasteScript Ref: Exodus 15:22-2740:31MP3
2015-01-2526The Bread of HeavenScript Ref: Exodus 1642:54MP3
2015-02-0127Is God Among Us?Script Ref: Exodus 1736:27MP3
2015-02-0828Godly Response and Godly AdviceScript Ref: Exodus 1833:10MP3
2015-02-1529Prelude to a CovenantScript Ref: Exodus 19:1-939:55MP3
2015-02-2230A Mountain of Smoke and FearScript Ref: Exodus 19:9-2542:48MP3
2015-03-0131Life in Covenant with a Gracious GodScript Ref: Exodus 20:1-343:30MP3
2015-03-1532Life in Covenant - How to Approach GodScript Ref: Exodus 20:4-735:14MP3
2015-03-2233Life in Covenant - How to Approach God - Part 2Script Ref: Exodus 20:4-736:14MP3
2015-03-2934Life in Covenant - When to Approach GodScript Ref: Exodus 20:8-1143:16MP3
2015-04-1935Life in Covenant - Authority and Sanctity in LifeScript Ref: Exodus 20:12-2036:16MP3
2015-04-2636God's Design for Man and WomanScript Ref: Exodus 20:1437:17MP3
2015-05-1037Life in CovenantScript Ref: Exodus 20:1731:50MP3
2015-05-1738Life in Covenant with a Gracious God - The Law at SinaiScript Ref: Exodus 20:18-2138:03MP3
2015-05-2439The Book of the Covenant - Worship LawsScript Ref: Exodus 20:21-2641:52MP3
2015-05-3140The Book of the Covenant - ServitudeScript Ref: Exodus 21:1-1141:54MP3
2015-06-0741The Book of the Covenant - Personal InjuryScript Ref: Exodus 21:12-3238:41MP3
2015-06-2842Laws Concerning RestitutionScript Ref: Exodus 21:33-22:1538:44MP3
2015-07-0543Manifold Laws for Covenant LifeScript Ref: Exodus 22:16-23:943:19MP3
2015-07-1244Laws on Sabbaths and FeastsScript Ref: Exodus 23:10-1934:52MP3
2015-07-1945The Conquest of CanaanScript Ref: Exodus 23:20-3342:44MP3
2015-07-2646The Old CovenantScript Ref: Exodus 2443:25MP3
2015-08-0247The Old Covenant - Mediator and Meeting PlaceScript Ref: Exodus 24:12-25:944:28MP3
2015-08-1648The Gospel of the Ark in the CovenantScript Ref: Exodus 37:1-939:28MP3
2015-08-2349The Gospel of the Bread of Presence and Golden LampstandScript Ref: Exodus 37:10-2440:18MP3
2015-08-3050The Gospel of the TabernacleScript Ref: Exodus 26:15-3742:02MP3
2015-09-0651The Gospel of the Altar and the CourtyardScript Ref: Exodus 27:1-1942:26MP3
2015-09-1352Tabernacle Service - Oil for the Lamp and the Priests' VestmentsScript Ref: Exodus 28:15-4339:25MP3
2015-09-2053Tabernacle Service - Consecration and Ordination of PriestsScript Ref: Exodus 29:29-4647:43MP3
2015-10-1154Tabernacle ServiceScript Ref: Exodus 30:22-31:1132:08MP3
2015-10-1855The Sabbath Made for ManScript Ref: Exodus 31:12-1841:48MP3
2015-10-2556The Golden Calf - Who is on the Lord's Side?Script Ref: Exodus 32:25-33:639:11MP3
2015-11-0157The Golden Calf #2 - Judgment on Covenant BreakingScript Ref: Exodus 32:25-3540:50MP3
2015-11-0858Moses, the Friend of GodScript Ref: Exodus 33:7-1135:12MP3
2015-11-1559My Presence Will Go With YouScript Ref: Exodus 33:12-2340:49MP3
2015-11-2960The Covenant God Reveals HimselfScript Ref: Exodus 34:1-1042:40MP3
2015-12-1361The Sinai Covenant RemadeScript Ref: Exodus 34:10-2841:43MP3
2016-01-1362The Radiant MediatorScript Ref: Exodus 34:29-3539:48MP3
2016-01-2463The Glory-Filled TabernacleScript Ref: Exodus 4045:18MP3