a sermon series by Matthew Holst

2012-04-151In the Beginning...Script Ref: Genesis 1:1-239:46MP3
2012-04-222The Days of Creation, No. 1Script Ref: Genesis 151:53MP3
2012-04-293The Days of Creation, No. 2Script Ref: Genesis 137:18MP3
2012-05-064The Days of Creation, No. 3Script Ref: Genesis 144:00MP3
2012-06-035The Days of Creation, No. 4Script Ref: Genesis 141:17MP3
2012-06-106The Days of Creation, No. 5Script Ref: Genesis 1:20-2:346:56MP3
2012-06-177The Origin of the SpeciesScript Ref: Genesis 2:4-745:42MP3
2012-06-248The Garden SanctuaryScript Ref: Genesis 2:4-2449:30MP3
2012-07-019God's Covenant with ManScript Ref: Genesis 2:4-2439:36MP3
2012-07-0810The First (and Last) WeddingScript Ref: Genesis 2:18-2546:17MP3
2012-07-1511The Fall of ManScript Ref: Genesis 344:54MP3
2012-07-2212The Shame of SinScript Ref: Genesis 343:38MP3
2012-08-0513The Three-Fold CurseScript Ref: Genesis 332:38MP3
2012-08-1214Blessing in the Midst of CursingScript Ref: Genesis 342:47MP3
2012-08-1915Where Sin Abounds, Grace Abounds All the MoreScript Ref: Genesis 3-4:223:32MP3
2012-08-2616I Will Put Enmity Between Your Seed and Her SeedScript Ref: Genesis 4:1-1642:20MP3
2012-09-0217A Tale of Two Seed - the Sons of God and the Sons of ManScript Ref: Genesis 4:17-5:3255:01MP3
2012-09-0918The Flood - Judgment and Salvation by WaterScript Ref: Genesis 647:32MP3
2012-09-2319The Flood as JudgmentScript Ref: Genesis 743:34MP3
2012-09-3020The Flood as SalvationScript Ref: Genesis 8:1-1942:37MP3
2012-10-0721A New Start - God's Covenant with NoahScript Ref: Genesis 8:20-9:1744:34MP3
2012-10-1422The Seed of the Serpent Rears Its HeadScript Ref: Genesis 9:18-10:3240:00MP3
2012-10-2123The Dividing of NationsScript Ref: Genesis 1146:05MP3
2012-10-2824Abram - Call and CovenantScript Ref: Genesis 1246:25MP3
2012-11-0425Abram Doubts God's PromiseScript Ref: Genesis 12:1-2040:49MP3
2012-11-1126Lot - Talking Oneself Out of the Pathway of BlessingScript Ref: Genesis 1341:49MP3
2012-11-2527Abram Rescues LotScript Ref: Genesis 14:1-1648:17MP3
2012-12-022828 Abram, Melchizedek, Christ and YouScript Ref: Genesis 14:7-2440:34MP3
2012-12-0929The Gospel Preached Beforehand to AbrahamScript Ref: Genesis 1541:43MP3
2012-12-2330A Covenant in BloodScript Ref: Genesis 1540:13MP3
2013-01-0631Doubt and Trouble in the Household of FaithScript Ref: Genesis 1643:06MP3
2013-01-1332Covenant Promise and Covenant SignScript Ref: Genesis 1740:16MP3
2013-01-2033The Covenant SignScript Ref: Genesis 1746:08MP3
2013-01-2734The Fulfillment of the Sign of CircumcisionScript Ref: Genesis 1747:24MP3
2013-02-0335The Gold Who Blesses and CursesScript Ref: Genesis 1847:56MP3
2013-02-2436Destruction of SodomScript Ref: Genesis 1942:41MP3
2013-03-0537Lot's Daughters - Well, What Did You ExpectScript Ref: Genesis 19:30-3838:36MP3
2013-03-2438Living Well Before a Faithful GodScript Ref: Genesis 2039:24MP3
2013-03-3139Covenant Blessings, Covenant ChallengesScript Ref: Genesis 2140:00MP3
2013-04-0740The Sacrifice of Isaac - The Test of FaithScript Ref: Genesis 2243:24MP3
2013-04-1441The Sacrifice of Isaac - The Object of FaithScript Ref: Genesis 2243:13MP3
2013-04-2142Death, Resurrection and the Promised LandScript Ref: Genesis 2341:15MP3
2013-04-2843From Generation to GenerationScript Ref: Genesis 2452:21MP3
2013-05-1244Covenant Distinction in Life and DeathScript Ref: Genesis 25:1-1837:28MP3
2013-06-3045The Man Who Sold His Soul for a Bowl of SoupScript Ref: Genesis 25:19-3441:08MP3
2013-07-0746Life Under the Faithful GodScript Ref: Genesis 26:17-3545:49MP3
2013-07-2147Faltering Faith and the Sovereign Will of GodScript Ref: Genesis 27:30-4644:04MP3
2013-08-0448Faltering Faith and the Sovereign Will of God - Part 2Script Ref: Genesis 26:34-27:29,41-4635:22MP3
2013-08-1849Heaven Opened - Jacob and the House of GodScript Ref: Genesis 2843:34MP3
2013-08-2550God's Faithfulness, Man's Failure, Twelve Tribes and the Lord JesusScript Ref: Genesis 29:1-30:2448:48MP3
2013-09-0151Jacob, Laban, and Four Wives - Why?Script Ref: Genesis 29:1-30:2443:56MP3
2013-09-0852Jacob's Prosperous Exodus from HaranScript Ref: Genesis 31:22-5557:23MP3
2013-09-1553Jacob and Esau No. 1 - Jacob Prepares Before the LordScript Ref: Genesis 32:1-2149:08MP3
2013-09-2254Jacob and Esau No. 2 - God Wrestles With JacobScript Ref: Genesis 32:22-33:2047:07MP3
2013-09-2955Jacob and Esau No. 3 - The Wrestling, Wounded IsraelScript Ref: Genesis 32:22-33:2039:03MP3
2013-11-0356Gods Desires Outworked Through Wicked MenScript Ref: Genesis 3448:30MP3
2013-11-1057Covenant Renewal from Generation to GenerationScript Ref: Genesis 3545:40MP3
2013-11-1758Two Seeds, Two Lands, Two DestiniesScript Ref: Genesis 36:1-37:148:07MP3
2013-11-2459Joseph - Sold for Twenty Pieces of SilverScript Ref: Genesis 3751:37MP3
2013-12-0160Judah, Tamar, Perez and ChristScript Ref: Genesis 3853:10MP3
2013-12-0861The Life and Ministry of Joseph No. 1 - Faithful Conduct, Resisting TemptationScript Ref: Genesis 3948:00MP3
2014-01-0562Refining Before ReconciliationScript Ref: Genesis 42-4448:34MP3
2014-01-1263Judah the MediatorScript Ref: Genesis 4446:55MP3
2014-01-1964Joseph, the Redeemer of His PeopleScript Ref: Genesis 4547:30MP3
2014-01-2665Israel - From Individual to Family to NationScript Ref: Genesis 4748:08MP3
2014-02-0266From Generation to Generation - Blessing of Ephraim and ManassehScript Ref: Genesis 4837:34MP3
2014-02-1367Jacob's Final Blessing No. 1Script Ref: Genesis 4947:32MP3
2014-02-1668Jacob's Final Blessing No. 2 - The Lion of JudahScript Ref: Genesis 49:8-1247:23MP3
2014-02-2369The End of the BeginningsScript Ref: Genesis 49:28-50:2645:34MP3