2011-04-171...But These Are Written That You May Believe...Script Ref: John 1:1-18, 20:30-3136:27MP3
2011-05-012The Word's DivinityScript Ref: John 1:1-1841:50MP3
2011-05-083The Word's CreativityScript Ref: John 1:1-1842:27MP3
2011-05-154The Word's Life and LightScript Ref: John 1:1-1833:50MP3
2011-05-225The Word's Preparation and PurposeScript Ref: John 1:1-1839:44MP3
2011-06-056The Word's Incarnation - Full of Grace and TruthScript Ref: John 1:1-1843:38MP3
2011-06-197John the Baptist's Testimony to ChristScript Ref: John 1:19-3437:03MP3
2011-06-268The Call of the First DisciplesScript Ref: John 1:35-5140:48MP3
2012-06-248The Garden SanctuaryScript Ref: Genesis 2:4-2449:30MP3
2011-07-039A Foretaste - The New Covenant Marriage FeastScript Ref: John 2:1-1240:20MP3
2012-07-019God's Covenant with ManScript Ref: Genesis 2:4-2439:36MP3
2011-07-1010Reforming and Fulfilling - The Cleansing of the TempleScript Ref: John 2:13-2539:26MP3
2011-07-1711Are You Born Again?Script Ref: John 2:23-3:1537:24MP3
2011-07-2412God's Everlasting LoveScript Ref: John 3:1-2145:27MP3
2011-07-3113The Incomparable Greatness of ChristScript Ref: John 3:22-3640:34MP3
2011-08-0714Christ Jesus, the One Who SatisfiesScript Ref: John 4:1-4544:39MP3
2011-08-2115Hear the Son, Believe the SonScript Ref: John 4:46-5433:00MP3
2011-08-2816God at Work: Sabbath HealingScript Ref: John 5:1-1846:13MP3
2011-09-0417Honor the Father As You Honor the SonScript Ref: John 5:19-2937:33MP3
2011-09-1118What Will it Take for You to Believe?Script Ref: John 5:30-4743:09MP3
2011-09-1819A Case of Mistaken IdentityScript Ref: John 6:1-2135:44MP3
2011-09-2520The Bread of Life - Part 1Script Ref: John 6:22-5946:42MP3
2011-10-0221The Bread of Life - Part 2Script Ref: John 6:22-5946:20MP3
2011-10-0922The Bread of Life - Part 3Script Ref: John 6:22-5944:26MP3
2011-10-1623Jesus Preaches and is Rejected at the Feast of TabernaclesScript Ref: John 7:1-3650:14MP3
2011-10-2324Trinitarian SalvationScript Ref: John 7:25-5243:40MP3
2011-11-0625I Am the Light of the WorldScript Ref: John 8:12-3045:32MP3
2011-11-1326The Truth Shall Set You FreeScript Ref: John 8:31-4739:45MP3
2011-11-2027The Origin of the SpeciesScript Ref: John 8:31-4735:11MP3
2011-12-0428Before Abraham Was, I AmScript Ref: John 8:31-5941:23MP3
2011-12-1129For Judgment I Came Into This WorldScript Ref: John 950:07MP3
2011-12-1830The Good Shepherd Discourse No. 1 - Who is Israels Shepherd?Script Ref: John 10:1-1030:36MP3
2012-01-0131The Good Shepherd Discourse No. 2 - Laying Down His LifeScript Ref: John 10:1-2140:02MP3
2012-01-0832The Good Shepherd Discourse No. 3 - I and the Father Are OneScript Ref: John 10:22-4237:59MP3
2012-01-1533The Resurrection and Life No. 1 - Will Your Anchor Hold in the Storms of LifeScript Ref: John 11:1-3744:14MP3
2012-01-2234The Resurrection and Life No. 2 - Lazarus, Come Out!Script Ref: John 11:1-3743:12MP3
2012-02-1235Preparation for Death and GloryScript Ref: John 11:55-12:1140:22MP3
2012-02-1936The Gracious, Humble King ComesScript Ref: John 12:12-3634:39MP3
2012-02-2637The Dying King and His Dying ServantsScript Ref: John 12:20-4341:47MP3
2012-03-0438Lifted Up Was He to DieScript Ref: John 12:27-4342:47MP3
2012-03-1139A Summary of Jesus' Public MinistryScript Ref: John12:27-5037:39MP3
2012-03-2540The Servant KingScript Ref: John 13:1-3041:00MP3
2012-04-0141The Glorified, Loving SaviourScript Ref: John 13:31-14:1446:58MP3
2012-04-1542The WAY to the Father's HouseScript Ref: John 14:1-1441:08MP3
2012-04-2243Kingdom Labor - Love, Obedience, and the Holy SpiritScript Ref: John 14:15-3141:03MP3
2012-04-2944Kingdom Labor - You and the TrinityScript Ref: John 14:15-3145:57MP3
2012-05-0645Kingdom Labor - You and the TrinityScript Ref: John 14:15-3145:05MP3
2012-06-0346Abiding in ChristScript Ref: John 1541:53MP3
2012-06-1047What a Friend We Have in JesusScript Ref: John 1544:10MP3
2012-06-1748Hated by the WorldScript Ref: John 15:12-16:438:47MP3
2012-06-2449It is To Your Advantage That I Go AwayScript Ref: John 16:1-1544:27MP3
2012-07-0150Take Heart, I Have Overcome the WorldScript Ref: John 16:16-3338:20MP3
2012-07-1551Christs High Priestly Prayer No. 1 - The Manner of Biblical PrayerScript Ref: John 1738:04MP3
2012-07-2252Christs High Priestly Prayer No. 2 - Glory and Eternal LifeScript Ref: John 1748:00MP3
2012-07-2953Christs High Priestly Prayer No. 3 - Redemption Accomplished and AppliedScript Ref: John 1743:18MP3
2012-08-0554Holiness and the Church's MissionScript Ref: John 1740:51MP3
2012-08-1255The Father, the Son and the ChurchScript Ref: John 1740:26MP3
2012-08-1956The Glory of Christ - Betrayal and ArrestScript Ref: John 18:1-1431:27MP3
2012-08-2657The Glory of Christ - Denying the UndeniableScript Ref: John 18:1-2546:55MP3
2012-09-0258The Glory of Christ - The Truth on TrialScript Ref: John 18:28-4030:33MP3
2012-09-0959The Glory of Christ - The Truth on Trial No. 2Script Ref: John 18:28-4039:04MP3
2012-09-1660The Glory of Christ - Behold the Man...Behold Your KingScript Ref: John 19:1-1637:35MP3
2012-09-2361The Glory of Christ - The CrucifixionScript Ref: John 19:16-3735:48MP3
2012-09-3062The Glory of Christ - Atonement According to God's PlanScript Ref: John 19:16b-4232:40MP3
2012-10-1463The Glory of Christ - Piercing and Burial According to ScriptureScript Ref: John 19:28-4237:46MP3
2012-10-2164The Glory of Christ -The ResurrectinoScript Ref: John 20:1-1040:50MP3
2012-10-2865The Resurrection Appearance to Mary MagdaleneScript Ref: John 20:1-1839:37MP3
2012-11-0466The Resurrection Appearance to the DisciplesScript Ref: John 20:1-2941:34MP3
2012-11-1167The Purpose of John's GospelScript Ref: John 2031:22MP3
2012-11-2568Fishers of MenScript Ref: John 21:1-1938:00MP3
2012-12-0269A Conversation Between Two ShepherdsScript Ref: John 21:15-2341:48MP3
2012-12-0970A Faithful Witness, A Faithful TestimonyScript Ref: John 21:24-2537:33MP3