2010-04-111The Continuing Works of ChristScript Ref: Acts 1:1-1133:07MP3
2010-04-182Christ Works Through His Spirit and ChurchScript Ref: Acts 1:12-2641:37MP3
2010-05-023Pentecost - What Does This Mean?Script Ref: Acts 2:1-2139:39MP3
2010-05-094The Message of the Book of ActsScript Ref: Acts 2:14-3640:48MP3
2010-05-165Confronted by Christ!Script Ref: Acts 2:37-4145:43MP3
2010-05-236Together and All Things in CommonScript Ref: Acts 2:42-4746:06MP3
2010-05-307Times of Refreshing from the Presence of GodScript Ref: Acts 341:24MP3
2010-06-068Times of Refreshing From the Presence of the LordScript Ref: Acts 3:17-2644:11MP3
2010-06-139Gospel AftershocksScript Ref: Acts 4:1-2145:15MP3
2010-06-2010Growth from OppressionScript Ref: Acts 4:23-3744:02MP3
2010-06-2711Covenant Unbelief - A Warning to UsScript Ref: Acts 5:1-1141:43MP3
2010-07-0412Rejoice to Be Persecuted for the Sake of ChristScript Ref: Acts 5:12-4249:17MP3
2010-07-1113Opposition and Growth - the DiaconateScript Ref: Acts 6:1-743:43MP3
2010-07-1814The Servant and His Master - Christ Builds His ChurchScript Ref: Acts 6:8-15, 7:54-8:841:06MP3
2010-07-2515The Honor of Christ Defended - Unto DeathScript Ref: Acts 7:30-6040:29MP3
2010-08-0116The Honor of Christ Defended - Unto Death - Part 2Script Ref: Acts 7:30-6048:35MP3
2010-08-1517The Cost of Gospel GrowthScript Ref: Acts 8:1-836:30MP3
2010-08-2918The Free Gift of GodScript Ref: Acts 8:9-2546:58MP3
2010-09-0519Christ Working in a GentileScript Ref: Acts 8:26-4047:42MP3
2010-09-1920A Most Surprising ConversionScript Ref: Acts 9:1-1950:46MP3
2010-09-2621Gospel Transformation - Paul's Early MinistryScript Ref: Acts 9:10-3146:21MP3
2010-10-0322Healing, Resurrection and SalvationScript Ref: Acts 9:32-4345:04MP3
2011-10-1623Jesus Preaches and is Rejected at the Feast of TabernaclesScript Ref: John 7:1-3650:14MP3
2010-10-1023The Cleansing of the Defiled - the Gentile MissionScript Ref: Acts 1039:02MP3
2010-10-1724The Gentile PentecostScript Ref: Acts 1048:51MP3
2010-10-2425To the Gentiles God Has Granted RepentanceScript Ref: Acts 11:1-1838:17MP3
2010-11-0726A Biblical Church Growth ModelScript Ref: Acts 11:19-3048:26MP3
2010-11-1427The Life of Christ in the Life of His ServantsScript Ref: Acts 1243:47MP3
2010-11-2128What God Has Made Straight, Let No Man Make CrookedScript Ref: Acts 13:1-1244:04MP3
2010-12-0529Christ Proclaimed - the Apex of the Old CovenantScript Ref: Acts 13:13-5247:34MP3
2010-12-1230Behold, We Are Turning to the GentilesScript Ref: Acts 13:13-5240:28MP3
2010-12-1931Twin Enemies of Christ - Legalism and AntinomianismScript Ref: Acts 14:1-1845:41MP3
2011-01-0232Through Many Tribulations We Must Enter the KingdomScript Ref: Acts 14:19-2345:17MP3
2011-01-0933New Perspective on JustificationScript Ref: Acts 14:24-15:2142:33MP3
2011-01-1634Gospel ResponsibilitiesScript Ref: Acts 15:19-3547:30MP3
2011-01-2335The Second Missionary JourneyScript Ref: Acts 15:36-16:1048:32MP3
2011-02-0636Gospel Expansion - Small BeginningsScript Ref: Acts 16:6-1549:08MP3
2011-02-1337How Does the Kingdom Grow?Script Ref: Acts 16:16-4046:45MP3
2011-02-2038Christ's Victory Over the Dark Powers of SatanScript Ref: Acts 16-16-4049:36MP3
2011-02-2739Turning the World Upside Down - The Gospel WayScript Ref: Acts 17:1-1543:47MP3
2011-03-0640Something Old, Something NewScript Ref: Acts 17:16-3440:36MP3
2011-03-2041Known Unknowns...Script Ref: Acts 17:16-3447:07MP3
2011-03-2742Lessons in Providence - How Does the Kingdom Grow?Script Ref: Acts 18:1-1748:38MP3
2011-04-0343Conclusion to the 2nd Missionary JourneyScript Ref: Acts 18:18-2845:28MP3
2011-09-1144Christ is ALLScript Ref: Acts 19:1-2245:07MP3
2011-09-1845The King of Heaven - By Sword or Sword of the SpiritScript Ref: Acts 19:21-4149:52MP3
2011-09-2546Preaching and ResurrectionScript Ref: Acts 20:1-1638:38MP3
2011-10-0247Paul's Farewell Address to the Ephesian EldersScript Ref: Acts 20:17-3849:22MP3
2011-10-0948Paul Sets His Face Toward JerusalemScript Ref: Acts 21:1-2654:37MP3
2011-10-1649Agabus' Prophecy Proves TrueScript Ref: Acts 21:27-22:2946:19MP3
2011-10-3050Jesus and Paul in the BarracksScript Ref: Acts 22:30 - 23:3543:21MP3
2011-11-0651Gospel Opportunities Taken and MissedScript Ref: Acts 2440:45MP3
2011-11-2052Paul's Irresistable Urge to EvangelizeScript Ref: Acts 25-2647:54MP3
2011-12-0453Sovereignty and Responsibility - The ShipwreckScript Ref: Acts 27:13-3949:12MP3
2011-12-1154The Gospel Comes to MaltaScript Ref: Acts 28:1-1038:41MP3
2011-12-1855The Captive PreacherScript Ref: Acts 28:11-3043:51MP3