Occasional Sermons

a collection of occasional sermons by Matthew Holst

2010-03-211Let Your Light Shine - Gospel Indicatives and ImperativesScript Ref: Matthew 5:14-1534:27MP3
2010-03-282A Psalm For Giving ThanksScript Ref: Psa 10043:14MP3
2010-04-043Meditating on the Mighty Acts of GodScript Ref: Psa 7735:04MP3
2010-12-194Now the Birth of Jesus Christ Took Place in this WayScript Ref: Matthew 1:18-2538:01MP3
2011-04-245Redeemed From the Curse of the LawScript Ref: Galatians 3:1-1445:14MP3
2011-04-246...We Shall All Be ChangedScript Ref: 1 Corinthians 15:35-3848:10MP3
2011-10-307A Reformation Sermon - The Righteous Shall Live by FaithScript Ref: Romans 1:1-1741:18MP3
2011-12-258For To Us a Child is BornScript Ref: Isaiah 9:1-740:19MP3
2011-12-259The MagnificatScript Ref: Luke 1:26-5643:07MP3
2012-01-0110Are We Living for Christ?Script Ref: Philippians 1:12-2742:22MP3
2012-04-0811The First Resurrection Appearance - Burning HeartsScript Ref: Luke 24:1-3537:49MP3
2012-12-1612The Necessity and Work of Christ the KingScript Ref: Micah 4:6-5:1530:58MP3
2012-12-2313Wise Men Worship Christ the KingScript Ref: Matthew 5:1-1237:11MP3
2013-03-3114Jesus, the Resurrection and YouScript Ref: Romans 6:1-1443:04MP3
2013-10-2715Justification - God's Righteous WorkScript Ref: Romans 4:1-5:546:07MP3
2013-12-2216The Blessings of the Incarnation - The Angels' PraiseScript Ref: Luke 2:1-2145:53MP3
2013-12-2217The Blessings of the Incarnation - Simeon's PraiseScript Ref: Luke 2:22-3533:24MP3
2014-04-2018Jesus - The Enemy of GodScript Ref: Mark 15:33-38; 16:1-832:30MP3
2014-12-2119Rejoicing at the Sight of a BabeScript Ref: Luke 2:8-3832:19MP3
2015-04-0520The Resurrection and Commission of Our SaviorScript Ref: Matthew 2842:22MP3
2015-06-0721Salvation Belongs to the LordScript Ref: Psalm 335:34MP3
2015-06-2122Out of the Mouth of BabesScript Ref: Psalm 839:44MP3
2015-12-2023The Lineage of JesusScript Ref: Matthew 1:1-1742:48MP3
2015-12-2724The Birth of the Promised KingScript Ref: Matthew 1:18-2537:30MP3